And can you smile?

Someday we will all have to say goodbye
We might not be able to see each other
Then our memories will be our strength
Till the day we meet again some day

Super Junior - Good Friends

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Heehee & Won in Suju Story 3

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 Yesterday I received a lot of messages on my deviantart page, congratulating me for “winning” a 2NE1 fanart contest. Since I never submitted this to any kind of contest, took me sometime to understand what was going on. After some research I found out that someone won this fanart contest posting my work but after cropped my signature off from the original piece.

-Here’s my original artwork, posted  in 2011 on Deviantart:

-The one he submitted to the contest:

 That person keep saying he didn’t stole anything, but he never contact me previously about the artwork, never mentioned it belonged to someone else and even accepted compliments towards the drawing. Once again, I ask you to compare what he subbimted and the original piece. The fact that the  signature was cropped out is reason enough to show his real intentions.

 I have extreme mixed feelings right now, because I LOVE 2NE1 and is great to see them holding my drawing, but really SUCKS it was credited to someone else. TT-TT

2NE1 - Adriana Melo

I would really appreciate if this post was reblogged and the news about the art theft get spread. :/

Thanks(and sorry for the EngRish)

P.S. A apologize from the person who stole my art would be enough for me(a message from @globlackjack saying that they would tweet the picture again with the correct name would be nice too ‘-‘), but seems like he’s not a very stable person. He’s using ANOTHER twitter account now, saying “his friend” is suffering “cyberbullying”.

 He probably forgot that was using this new account, when wrote me a message cursing and saying “I didn’t stole anything”. And also he/she really doesnt sound sorry, posting “Haters gonna hate” macros since yesterday. *sigh*

 I’m trying to look at the bright side of this whole thing: tomorrow I’ll frame this picture of those 4 incredible ladies holding my artwork and I’ll pretend this little virtual, art-thief worm never crossed my way.

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work it

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Oh! My Lady - Minwoo (episode 1)

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No Donghae, you’re actually 5.

Age: B


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non ELF:Super Junior are lame. They never change their style of music..
Me:Why change something that's already perfect?

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You’re my APPLE on my PIE. My EARPHONE on my MP3 player. My STRAW on my BERRY. My BELT on my PANTS. You’re my PILLOW whenever I sleep. My BLANKET when I am cold. My PEN to my PAPER. You’re my CAMERA ‘coz you always makes me smile. You’re my GROOM and I am your BRIDE.  YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY EVERYTHING. ♥ 

I wish you knew how much you changed my life. Its my 3rd year anniversary with you and its been a good journey being with you for this past years. I LOVE YOU KIM HEECHUL. I LOVE YOU. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY. ♥♥ I just wish that you’ll always be happy. That you’ll always be as PERFECT as you are right now. :’> 

사랑해요 김희철! 우유빛깔 김희철!

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﹢  most attractive member in Super Junior ┇doubley90

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